I was lazy, lazy to get up early in the morning, lazy to prepare my breakfast, lazy to iron my clothes. Lazy to polish shoes. Lazy to workout. Lazy in many ways.

Once I sat down and was thinking about my self, the way I look, the way I lead my life. I said to my self —

What the fuck are you doing with our life ? Is there any thing to change?

Yes, there are many things to change in my life. …

It was in October 2019, where React announced Hooks. I though why the heck you need this. React is a great Library, no doubt about it. But you need to be updated with new functionalities. But I never regret learning and using ‘Hooks’ in React.

Before learning what ‘Hooks’ is, it is important to know the difference between Class and Functional Components.

Class Components : Till 2018, React Components were created with keyword Class. React Components are created by extending Component with render method. In Simple terms Class Components are ES6 Classes.Here …

We often come across the terms called Class, Objects, Constructor , new and this in Javascript, Typescript or other programming languages. In common all we need to know is the following.

What is OO (🙂bject 🙂riented) ?

Putting the real world things into objects

To understand this, let’s get into layman’s terms (I am even assuming my self as Layman to understand this thing called OOP, would be better to know).

What is an Object ?

Consider you are travelling with your partner. And you need to submit your personal details. …

In Javascript / Typescript often you come across the variable declarations, Here we use let, var, const. This article is all about the usage of var and let

Var and Let

Javascript, a dynamic programming language that adds interactivity to the websites. Variables are used to store different type of values like string, numbers, Arrays, Objects, Boolean values.

The mostly used Variable declarations are let, const and var. This story gives you a detail about let and var.

Let verses Var :

Let & Var both are used for declaring variable with defined or undefined value.

Example :

var firstName; // undefinedvar firstName = ‘Akarsh’; //…

These are some commonly asked interview questions. Let’s check them out, in this article.


What is DOM ?

DOM — Document object model used as a programming interface for HTML and / or XML documents. It generally represents as nodes and objects, and symbolises a tree structure.

Explain Javascript Promises ?

Promise in javascript is object resolution for asynchronous request, either results a successful completion or failure.

The promise states are 1. Pending, 2. Fulfilled, 3. Rejected.

When an Async request is made, the request is in pending state, it will either resolve the request by Fulfilled status returning the result or rejecting the request with the error…

Have you ever heard about Typescript. Well, these days I am hearing a lot about it. All the interviews which I attend asks me, whether am I familiar with Typescript or not ? Though it was not mandatory in most cases, but i was fed up listening this term called ‘Typescript’.

I am very comfortable building web apps with Vanila Javascript using React, Vue etc.., I love building web apps with Plain Javascript as this does not made me think much. But this ‘Typescript’ made me to think, as why every one is thinking about building web apps in ‘Typescript’…


“Hello. Where have you been ? Why were You not lifting my calls ?. It’s been a month now.”

“This is inspector Arjun Speaking”

“Yeaaaaahhhh!! I thought it’s Ravi”

“Ravi has made suicide 10 days before. He contacted you earlier this month. So May i ask you, What is the reason that he called you?. How you both are related.”

“We both are writers, we were working on a web series last month. We were about to discuss regarding about scripts and dialogues, i was waiting for his call from 1 month. But i was not expecting this.”


React JS is a front end Library used to create SPA(Single Page Applications). It can be written with Javascript or TypeScript flavours.

React JS is also available for Android and IOS as React Native. In Short, There is no need for separate code base for Android and IOS any more.

It best suits for the people coming from various Technological backgrounds. Designers, Backend Developers who wants to become Full Stack Developer.

Beginner’s Intro :

React can be written in files with extensions like .js(for Javascript), .jsx(Syntax extension to Javascript), .tsx (for TypeScript). You can use any of the extensions.


Your popular tool to manage a project. Wait Wait… Managing the code of your project. What is GIT?. It’s a version control for your code. Irrespective of working in teams or as an individual, it helps a lot.

How about working in a team of 6 – 8 developers?. How about you manage / share your code in between co-developers. Here you go, using GIT.

GIT is a version control where code can be added to the Repository. Repository is a space where you save all your code. Is it only adding files to Repository is GIT?. …

Every where now it’s a single page application, Though it’s React or Angular. Most of the beginner’s face difficulties to set up the working repositories. Here is my small attempt that may help.

Lets get into a small introduction of javascript libraries that is used to build a React application :

React : It is a Javascript Library, maintained by Facebook and used for creating single page application. (https://reactjs.org/) ( Not to forget it’s virtual DOM. ).

Webpack : is a module bundler. Its main purpose is to bundle JavaScript files for usage in a browser, yet it is also…

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