“Hello. Where have you been ? Why were You not lifting my calls ?. It’s been a month now.”

“This is inspector Arjun Speaking”

“Yeaaaaahhhh!! I thought it’s Ravi”

“Ravi has made suicide 10 days before. He contacted you earlier this month. So May i ask you, What is the reason that he called you?. How you both are related.”

“We both are writers, we were working on a web series last month. We were about to discuss regarding about scripts and dialogues, i was waiting for his call from 1 month. But i was not expecting this.”

Arjun — We are sorry but he is no more. I hope you would be in touch with us, for any further details required”

“Yes, Sure”.

The above true story is by one of my friends (Names are changed).

As per Indian middle class families, they always thrive to live a good life. Due to society and social status, some financial issues, they take loans which goes on increasing and they can’t pay the loan back and they commit suicide.

There might be many issues, many problems which provokes suicide. The above is just one of them.

But before deciding to end up life, Please consider, Your parents, your loved ones, your wife, children. they need you. though what ever reasons, stay strong.

Many of them may say, saying is different, implementation is different.

Staying strong in such a situations is too difficult. But please share with some one who is very near to you. seek advice. Your loved one needs you. Ravi was an amazing writer. Sadly, ended up as a dead body, making his parents cry for rest of the life. Once think about your parents, how hard for them to grow you up, to love you, and to provide better while they lead a miserable life.

Think about your wife, about your kids, how they are going to miss you. Some one who came to share your life. Kids, as a true symbol for your love, gonna miss you.

Just forget about the society, it’s not going to feed you, it’s not going to support you. Forget about the people what they think what you doing. There are many other works in the market which can earn you money. There are many hobbies that would make your life more beautiful. But suicide is not option to solve the problems. life gets end up, but what about the rest?. your parents, your wife, you kids.

Share with your friends, consult doctors, start doing meditation, Exercise daily, read Books, work on Hobbies, spend time with family.

Please don’t end up life and make rest of your loved ones life long.

Think about the people living in Orphanages, Old-age homes, think about the people who are disabled. they have got problems too.

Stay Strong !! Live Long !!!!

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