Transformation of life

I was lazy, lazy to get up early in the morning, lazy to prepare my breakfast, lazy to iron my clothes. Lazy to polish shoes. Lazy to workout. Lazy in many ways.

Once I sat down and was thinking about my self, the way I look, the way I lead my life. I said to my self —

What the fuck are you doing with our life ? Is there any thing to change?

Yes, there are many things to change in my life. Here are the few I have been following and I know , still I need to change my self.

Wake up early

It was never easy to wake up early. I used to sleep at 2 or 3 AM, and used to wake up at 8 or 8:30 AM in the morning. used to quickly brush and bath, and leave to office in hurry. No breakfast, no lunch preparation, nothing. All the day I was tired, sleepy and lazy in office.

This is eating my productivity, I was in lack of energy. This is where my transformation of life started. I set alarm at 6 AM no matter when I sleep. I used to snooze it and started waking up at 6:30 AM. I have seen a lot of improvisation in me, now I no more use Alarm to wake up. I wake up in between 5:45 AM to 6 AM. And I go to bed early in the evenings.

Don’t scroll phone in the mornings

I had a very bad habit of scrolling phone in the morning. I used to wake up, scroll insta, scroll facebook etc. But I find no use of it. I can use that time to prepare my breakfast. So I have stopped scrolling the phone in the mornings. I personally, have deleted my Insta and social media apps on my phone. Which is where it gave me a path to read books. To hang out with family and friends more. This made me to add some more extra time to my personal space. I feel so calm and peaceful. I now use them rarely.

Have a calm coffee

After I woke up, I take a cup of coffee. I enjoy each sip of coffee by looking out of window and watching people, empty roads, or buses, etc. It is so calm. You feel so relaxed. so concentrated. your mind will be absolutely empty. you feel so good and peaceful with in yourself.


I was looking bad, due to no proper breakfast, no proper lunch and dinner. Eating junk foods when ever and where ever. I was always reluctant to improve my personal health and physique. I used to see people going to gym in mornings, some in after noon lunch breaks , some in evenings. As I looked my self and asked my self,

why don’t you invest on your health and physique ?

This is where I have started to jog, walk in the mornings and evenings. the starting for me was no easy. but I have started investing time in to gym and other activities. I have started to exercise in the gym for 15 minutes, Irrespective of goals, I used to go to gym for at least half an hour every day. This was my biggest change I bought my self. Now I spend at least one to one and half hour in gym.

No extra working hours

As I was lazy and tired due to less sleep ,I was not able to complete my tasks in the office hours. This made my life vulnerable. I have to work after office hours to complete my tasks.

After waking up early and having breakfast. I was more active, I was more concentrated. I can see a lot of change in my life style. Now, I complete my tasks with in time and I utilise my surplus time in learning new things.

Time for other activities

I was always passionate about Writing and Acting. Due to my poor life style, I ignored them ,I never tried to learn or make an advancement in it.

As I started transformation of life from lazy to productive. I have got good amount of time to get advanced with my passion. Now, concentratedly I can Write and practice Acting.

Time with your beloved

We always neglect our beloved ones. Due to many distractions, We miss moments to be happy together. Thanks for this transformation as I got good amount of time to spend with my beloved ones and plan weekends and be happy.

Talking to parents / friends

The other most important thing is talking to friends or family. I used to talk to them once in a while. but now I talk to them daily. We laugh, We joke, We satire, — these conversations are really awesome. (And we don’t GOSSIP 😜😜)

Preparing food

I used to eat lot of junk foods and other foods from restaurant. I used to spend money like any thing. Due to this, I was over weight. Slowly I have started cooking, cooking from little to small dishes. This helped to avoid eating junk foods. helped me to save money. Now I eat outside occasionally.

Household things

My house used to be so dirty. No dishes washed. clothes are thrown here and there. my bed was not cleaned. my refrigerator was full of rotten fruits and vegetables etc, etc and etc. Oh man !. So worst sort of living I used to have.

Now, I clean my refrigerator. I fold my clothes. I was dishes daily. I do all the house hold things. After all cleanliness is very important than many other things.

There are much more i need to improve about my self. This transformation of my life took 3 years of daily practice. There is much more, after all you should be happy, satisfied and calm at the end of your day, to sleep well and have a great life.




Full stack developer, Blogger, Poet, Writer

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Akarsh Saraff

Akarsh Saraff

Full stack developer, Blogger, Poet, Writer

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