Typescript in 5 mins

What does a Static Type Checker do ?

  1. The three most common primitives are : number, string, boolean.
  2. Type annotations on variables
  3. Parameter Annotations
  4. Return type Annotations
  5. Object types and Optional properties
  6. Union Types , for defining different Types to a single variable at initialisation.
  7. ‘type’ aliases
  8. Interfaces : note : Interfaces and Type Aliases are almost equal, the only difference is Interface is extendable, where Type Alias structure cannot be extended. In short, a type cannot be changed after creation, while an Interface can.
  9. classes and so on …




Full stack developer, Blogger, Poet, Writer

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Akarsh Saraff

Akarsh Saraff

Full stack developer, Blogger, Poet, Writer

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